The Leonardo da Vinci mobility project VITTI aim is to implement an international vocational trade training program – The ITM Worldwide Concept – into Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece and Romania to make it possible for small and medium-sized companies to grow internationally. Trade Training Organizations in Sweden, Estonia and Slovenia will transfer knowledge and experiences to make this happen. The result is a long-term relationship and a suistainable network of Trade Organizations offering trade training and SME managers taking part in joint international seminars offered by ITM.

The project make it possible for smaller Trade Organizations

  • to learn about the ITM Worldwide Concept from Sweden, Estonia and Slovenia
  • to do an export training need and market analysis
  • to make an implementation plan
  • to take part in ITMs international vocational seminars together with SME export managers (pupils) from 6 countries
  • to build an international business network for exporting SMEs in partnership with ITM Worldwide
  • to cooperate in offering joint high quality international seminars to SMEs

The participating partners are the ITM WORLDWIDE FOUNDATION – Sweden as coordinator, the Marketing Institute of Estonia, the Greek International Business Association (SEVE), the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts Croatia, the Spirit, Slovenian Public agency for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism, the BSMEPA Bulgaria and the DIPPIMM Romania.

The project was completed at September 2014.

Project website www.vittifirst.org.