Intellectual Property Rights for SEE – IPRforSEE

The project aims at enhancing the competitiveness of the SMEs in SE Europe through:

  • Conscious use of intellectual property protection tools
  • Enhanced protection of market ideas and products through innovative supporting services for SMEs

The participating partners were:

Italy Venice Chamber of Commerce

Ankona Chamber of Commerce

Romania Costanza Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Shipping

«OVIDIUS» University of Costanza

Greece Chamber of Kilkis,

Greek International Business Association

Hungary Hungary Innovation Centre (CHIC),

Veszprem Chamber of Commerce

Serbia Uzice Chamber of Commerce


In order to strengthen the innovative ability of the enterprises in the target – area of the project, three main issues were dealt:

  • Existing ability for innovation and development through use of the intellectual property rights
  • Diffusion of the intellectual property rights in order to promote an integrated application in every stage of the SMEs development
  • Harmonization of the existing mechanism of intellectual property with the European standards in order to enable investments from other EU members

The project results were:

  • Collection and analysis of good practices on intellectual property rights protection at local level
  • Identification of 5 innovative services, tools and training themes for the users
  • Trial of the new services at 350 enterprises (for all the participating partners)
  • Evaluation of the pilot actions and dissemination of results through laboratories, local and national events and advertisement in order to achieve viable results in the project area and adjacent areas

The project was co-funded by the European Union and National Funds of the participating countries on the framework of the Transnational Cooperation Programme South – East Europe.

Project duration: 3/2010-12/2011