Greek Exporters Association – SEVE, as a contractor, implemented the project entitled: “Strategic plan for the improvement of the competitive operation of companies with the development of new skills for extroversion” with contracting authority the SA – Housing of Greek Industry. The project is co-financed by the Operational Program “Human Resources Development 2007-2013”.

The aim of the project was to strengthen the development of extroversion of Greek companies and to improve their international competitiveness, through the development of appropriate skills of human resources, both within companies and in the network of services and agencies that support and are involved in the process of promoting export and extroversion in general.

Aim of the project was the elaboration of a strategic study for the extroversion of Greek Companies and the formation of an operational system and support, upgrading of exports and strengthening of the human skills resources related to extroversion, as well as the implementation of a pilot program for collective support extroversion practices by a number of companies based on strategic study directions. The project also included actions to disseminate the results of the strategic study and the pilot action to the wider business community.

More specifically, the implementation of the project included the following:

  1. Study on the extroversion of Greek companies and the strengthening of the necessary skills of the human resources.

The first phase of the project concerned the elaboration of a strategic study on the extroversion of Greek companies and the formation of an operational system of support and upgrading of exports, as well as strengthening the skills of human resources related to extroversion. The first phase consisted of four distinct sections:

  • Overview of Greek Exports and Analysis of Research Data.

The aim of the section is to highlight and evaluate the level of competitiveness and extroversion of the Greek Economy in terms of exports and includes the following subsections:

  • Analysis of Greek Exports
  • Analysis of Greek Exporting Companies
  • Competitiveness Assessment of the Greek Economy
  • Overview of the National Strategy, National Export Policies and the National Extroversion System.

The aim of the section was to record and analyze the National Strategy and National Policies applied in the field of exports and includes the following subsections:

1.2.1 National Extroversion System

1.2.2 Analysis of National Export Policies

1.2.3 Weaknesses of existing extroversion support system


  • Overview of National Extroversion Systems in Selected Member States – European Union

The section concerns the investigation of the National Extroversions Systems of the Member States with the most dynamic export presence in the international markets. Specifically, the following factors / approaches that focus on the key internal challenges of companies were analyzed:

  • Specialization of human resources
  • Financial support
  • Access to usable information
  • Needs identification and action plan with emphasis on human resources development in the Export Sector and Extroversion

The section deals with the evaluation of the conclusions with the aim of reaching proposals for policies and actions for the development of human resources in the field of exports and extroversion in general. It includes the following subsections:

1.4.1 Strategic directions for the development of an effective extroversion system.

More specifically, the framework of actions related to the following is described:

  • Human resources training programs and
  • Business programs with personalized support

Dealing with financial disincentives

  • Lack of liquidity due to delays in VAT refund
  • Burden from time consuming and bureaucratic custom procedures.

Financial support

  • gain easy and economical access to the financial tools needed and
  • obtaining information and transparency about the tools offered.


Access to usable information (knowledge)

  • providing information on markets and companies abroad and in
  • making contacts and business networking

1.4.2 Relation of Human Resources Skills to the Development of Competitiveness and Business Extroversion

1.4.3 Action plan for the development of Extroversion Skills.

More specifically, the action plan analyzes actions related to:

  • the development of micro-rates for business executives and companies
  • the development of macro-factors for extroversion support bodies.