Many logistics-related data stores, information channels, information management systems and data mining facilities that currently exist are not connected and have different user requirements, data models, system specification and business models. This leads to fragmented information and severely hampers its optimal use.

The AEOLIX project establishes a cloud-based collaborative logistics ecosystem for managing information pipelines that support logistics decision making to address these issues. The ecosystem will create visibility across the supply chain, enabling more sustainable and efficient transport of goods cross Europe. An essential element of the approach is to ensure an easy use of the ecosystem for logistics actors.

By enabling low-complexity and low cost connectivity of local ICT platforms and systems and thereby scalable, trusted and secure exchange of information, AEOLIX will improve the overall competitiveness of goods transport in the supply chain, while simultaneously targeting sustainability from environmental, economic and social perspectives.

The project is funded through HORISON 2020.


Project Duration: 01/09/2016 to 31/08/2019


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